Yard Guard Mosquito Control Program

Stop the Biting and Itching with Yard Guard Mosquito Control Programs from Best Lawns of Utah.

Nothing ruins a nice day in the yard quite like being eaten up by mosquitoes. Whether its outdoor entertaining or playing in the yard with the kids, the last thing you want is to be driven back indoors by the buzzing and biting. Best Lawns Yard Guard Mosquito Control Program can help you enjoy your yard to its fullest potential this summer!

Yard Guard Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes ruin the use of your yard. With Yard Guard from Best Lawns of Utah, controlling the mosquito population in your yard is now a reality. Our Yard Guard Annual Mosquito Control Program ensures your property is protected with a series of applications timed specifically to your local temperature and the outbreak of mosquitoes.

Yard Guard covers all the bases to eliminate live mosquitoes and prevent the hatching of new pests. Your yard will be protected with 5 applications between May and September. Our applications reduce the number of pests and provide a barrier against them entering your yard.

Best Lawns of Utah will help you choose the plan that works best for your yard and your family’s needs. We’ll explain how each application works, the options available to you, and the schedule we recommend for your property.

Yard Guard Mosquito Control Special Event Program

When you’re hosting a wedding, graduation party, holiday party, or other special event at your home, mosquito control becomes even more important. Our Yard Guard Special