Soil Evolution Program

Best Lawns, Soil Evolution program introduces an army of micro organisms to your lawn who then go to work eating organic material they find.  This army of organisms naturally multiply until the food sources (toxins, chemicals, decaying organics, etc) are gone.  They create a system of small highways and pockets where water can be stored and held to be used by your lawn.  After a few weeks these organisms die off, leaving a fine topsoil behind.  After only a few applications, your soil will have a greater nutritional density, improved capacity to retain water, and increased humic acid composition.  Our program of six applications annually is equivalent to spreading two inches of compost on your lawn.  This composting moves in a downward direction turning existing dirt into fine soil and becomes deeper each year with the full Soil Evolution program.

What’s the BID DEAL?  

  • 30-50% Water savings – Very quickly you will see a 30-50% reduction in watering.  That’s a big deal given our current drought trend.
  • Turn Dirt into Soil – Our Utah clay soil is typically devoid of life and organic matter.  In a very short time, your dirt will become soil, rich in organic material and nutrients.

Need more reason to purchase?

When you join the revolution against drought and poor soil, you also gain these additional benefits:

  • A thick and growing layer of organic matter.
  • Helps repair pet damage from urine and eliminates odors and pathogens from pet waste.
  • Thicker healthier grass roots.
  • Increased fertilizer uptake.  Fertilizer nutrients bond with the soil better and are available for uptake for longer periods of time.
  • Discourages mosquitoes (does not eliminate them).
  • Increases composting in gardens and flower beds.
  • Reduction of side effects from disease and fungi.

Did I mention the product used in our Soil Evolution Program is 100% organic?  Completely safe for people, pets, and bees!

Join the revolution against drought and poor soil with our Soil Evolution Program!




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Yes! You’ll be surprised by the improvements to your soil with even one year of six treatments.

Every yard can have very different soil conditions before treatments start. It can be different from one neighbor to the next. Some owners may have brought in topsoil, where another just brought in whatever was free before planting their lawn. Some fertilize, some don’t, some water properly, some don’t. Because the soil conditions, or health of the soil, is so different from house to house we get very different results even between neighbors that live next door to one another. This difference in existing soil means different results. However, we take the current state of the soil and drastically improve it in a very short period of time.

We won’t start services unless there’s time to apply three treatments.

Yes, absolutely.

We can start treatments when average low temps are consistently above freezing, preferably above 40 degrees (typically April in northern Utah), and then stop applications when freezing temps begin (typically October in northern Utah).

So long as the amount of water, whether from rain or irrigation/sprinklers, doesn’t cause mass run off it is no problem. We don’t want run off to transport the product we applied to the sidewalks and gutters.

No, you can mow at any time before or after service.

No. While any application will start to see results. Shortening the time frame of the schedule with a heavier dose may not provide the same results. Solving the drought issue is not a onetime action solution. Best Lawns is focused on the long-term sustainability and health of the soil ecosystem and ensuring quality for the long term.

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